Police misconduct and the #metoo movement.

Many women have come forward in speaking about abuse by men in power positions. Some men use their authority or power to manipulate and/or dominate women sexually and these women feel trapped into complying or having to reap the consequences.

Women will (more likely than not) always be at a disadvantage in the way of strength compared to men. If a man in authority is threatening a woman with arrest if she doesn't obey, what choice does she have but to endure the abuse or sexual assault.

The law may give an officer permission to search someone on certain occasions, such as when safety is a real concern, but does that mean officers should abuse their power by annoying people with unreasonable searches, demands, and harassment just because they have the authority to do so. Is it acceptable and reasonable to treat people more harshly who question an officer’s motives and tyrannical behavior .

It seems Officers haven't heard the saying “sticks and stones”. Most people know this means, shake it off if someone is offending you, getting angry its a sign of immaturity. Reasonable citizens don’t teach their kids they should beat the shit out of any woman, child or disabled person if they dare to offend or disrespect them in the slightest. Many police brutality lawsuits are from male officers under 30 and lacking a college degree.

Every time a woman is stopped by a male police officer she is put in a position where absolute submission is expected and the consequence for disobedience is abuse or arrest. Everyone should know it’s wrong for a man to hit a girl, so why should law enforcement officers be exempt?

Male officers should be prohibited from demanding females exit their vehicle during traffic stops. Male officers should be required to call for a female officer if it is absolutely necessary she exit her vehicle. Most of the time it is not necessary, the cop is not in danger. He just believes women shouldn't question his authority. If a female asks why she must exit the car, she is harshly told “Its a lawful order” This has become the standard response when there is a lack of logic in the order given. Officers should not have the authority to use violence without consequence. Its domination of a female just like domestic violence.

Perhaps we just need more female officers, the less testosterone the better. Giving boys guns and a badge at 21 and telling them they have the right to interfere and bother people who are not engaged in a crime with a victim or damaged property is just plain dangerous and the definition of tyrannical.

Parents teach their children to respect authority, but we also teach our girls not to be alone with any man in authority such as teachers, coaches, and adult male friends. Why should Law enforcement officers be any different? We teach our children to avoid situations where they can become a victim. We teach them to guard their bodies from physical, emotional, and sexual harm.

When an officer demands a female get out of the car without witnesses, She is put at his mercy of one officer. “It’s terrifying because you don't know if you’re about to be sexually abused, punched, tasered or shot”, said a Roanoke female victim. It is a clear violation of a woman's right to safety and privacy of her body. When a woman resists a male officer’s touch she is scolded and forced to endure the assault. If she resists, she is arrested for resisting arrest, even though she was never under arrest in the first place.

Law enforcement officers need to have extensive schooling on The Constitution, unalienable rights, psychology, anger management, and manners. They should be required to hold a degree from an accredited university - not an online school and have an above average IQ.

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